Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A chilly casa and fabric attack

Why is it that crafty supplies and items look so happy all stacked up?

I have this habit of pulling fabric from the storage that I plan on using for some sort of project only to add to the piles so much so that I am overwhelmed with the choices and eventually, the piles of fabric fall over and I make nothing. Then I park myself on the floor and refold and stack all the bits up in towers of color. All reds in one place, all oranges, et cetera. Then I sit and look at all the fabric and feel inspired again. The piles tend to take over the tiny casa and having the clutter drives me batty. People who have been here might think I thrive in clutter but I actually don't. It depresses me and pressures me and makes me want to pack everything up and give it all away but then I look at my oddball collection of misfit toys and such and I cannot bear to part with any of it so instead I go out thrifting or supply shopping and come home with more things I don't need but I HAVE to have! Small colorful bowls, kitschy mugs, scarves, vintage children's books, packs and packs of rik-rak. Right now the tiny casa is in SUCH a state that I am itching to pack it all up all over again. The kitschy tree needs ornaments. Presents need to be wrapped. I have a couple of swap items that are long overdue and scarves need to be made. Overwhelmed I am. So overwhelmed.

The morning is crisp and super chilly. My fingertips and tippy toes are frozen and hurt. My love of the flannel sheets is wonky at best. They keep me warm but I cannot wear sheets around the house and if you wear pajama pants or yoga pants or some sort of pants with legs you get all tangled up in your clothes as you sleep. I get so tangled I can't turn anymore so the clothes come off at points during the night only to serve as some sort of wonky surf board when I get up in the dark and slide across our ancient termite loved floors. Wheee! Today is a visiting day and I like to see my friends. At the same time though my mind wanders and I think of all I have to finish up and the time frame in which to do it all and then I'm not very good company. I'm distracted. Tomorrow is my carless day and I will make sure to craft, clean and cook. Tomorrow I will get something done and then the ironing board can return to the closet. I will bake up some cookies and watch netflix movies and wrap presents and make cocoa and enjoy it all. Yes. Yes, that sounds like a plan. If you're a local peep, drop on by tomorrow for chatiness and craftiness. You are more than welcome!

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  1. I know what you mean about twisty pyjama pants! I hate that, so I only wear them out of bed :P
    I'd love to come and help you pack and tweak your displays or gorgeousness in the casa...or just drink tea! Alas, the ocean...