Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wonky is as Wonky Does

wonky scarves: rolledI've added the wonky scarves to ny etsy shop so if ya really, really need one head on over. There are five available. I love, love, love the combo I used for this batch.

I still need to make scarves for my five things swap but first I need to do some cleaning up. Everything is a disaster here at the tiny casa. I managed to put my clothes away yesterday. See, I am a sloppy, messy, rattled lobster-girl. I have good intentions, I do. It's just that I get so easily distracted. I know I do this so I try to nip it in the bud but that doesn't always work. The living room is still full of fabric piles. I had dreams for each pile but methinks it is time to throw in the towel. I need to keep out only what I know I will use and put the rest away. Once I get this done, my head, hopefully will be clearer and I can work on writing and other stuff. After I tackle the fabric, I will need to tackle the books. It seems my children's book collection has been reproducing and I have nowhere, absolutely nowhere to put these books. And in case you are wondering, yes, I DO need them. I love my picture books so much they make me dance!

So, after the fabric and books are dealt with I will need to hit every surface that should be clean and artfully decorated. Right now everything is just piled. There are piles of piles. I need to do that magic job of sifting through things that should probably be tossed but I am keeping for "just in case". I'm only in my thirties and already I have crazy pack-rat tendencies. Yikes! What am I talking about? I was born with pack-rat tendencies. I'm in for the long haul. Okay, thinking to myself. Fabric, books, kitchen table, computer desk & ironing board. That's a good start. Then I will artfully fix all the prettiness that should be so that I won't feel all bedraggled when I make my cookie list. December is just a few days away and I need to make some cookies!

Oh drats, laundry! I need to get the laundry and then I'm gonna bake something with pumpkin in it and then I will do something with all the fabric. I will. Yes, I will.

Happy Wednesday Folks!

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