Monday, November 05, 2007

The Week in Review: Vacation

Wowee! In a nutshell, we....

*romped with giant stone dinosaurs
*got serenaded by a Hawaiian man named Ernie
*shacked up with a very nice Indian family
*ate giant pancakes at Grill (and hopped into a photobooth)
*pondered the graves of strangers
*avoided a shootout at the Okay Corral
*walked amongst giant Saguaros
*slept in a golden, ionized cigar shaped trailer
*ate hot dogs at a tiny diner that came from my old stomping grounds
*wandered the wonky streets of a tiny mining town
*spent two hours in the company of hundreds of migrating Sandhill Cranes
*viewed an unrequited love story that involved a gilled fishman on a vintage tv
*had breakfast in a grand hotel, a hop, skip & a jump from Mexico
*inspected decaying trailers and debris at the site of an engineering accident
*took more than 400 photos
*had a most fabulous, fabulous time!


  1. You went on one of our dream trips! Can't wait to see all the pics!

  2. I totally thought of you when we were at Kon Tiki!

  3. Sigh, just realized I missed your drive through AZ..

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