Monday, November 12, 2007

The Week in Review: Novembr 5-11

The Week in Review: November 5-11

It's been a crazy crafting kind of week. My hands got so dry they cracked from using scissors, ouch! I cut, I stitched, I planned, I stuffed. I now have a flu or something so today I will huddle on the couch, eat oodles of tangerines and watch me some Gilmore Girls. No crafting while stuffy, today I nap, nap, nap the day away. Hopefully it is just a cold but I feel like one does after having the flu, you know, all tired and weak like you can't fully take a step or you will fall down. My appetite is okay. I've been hitting the carbs as I am wont to do when feeling ill. I seem to adore crusty bread and mashed potatoes when I feel ick so that is what I am enjoying, along with buckets of juice, tea and tangerines from the tree thrown in. I still have scarves to make for Felt Club and the mister needs to whip up some more spazimals but I think we're good, just dandy even and tomorrow I will pepper the neighborhood with Felt Club postcards and such. Hey, Ms. Stacey, if you read this, do you want some cards and/or maybe a poster for Ander's School?

There are so many people I need to call back but when I am in the crafting zone I can't stop or I lose my momentum, ya know? Eeeps! If you see anything you like, lemme know. I will update the shop the day after Felt Club but if you see something in my flickr or here on the blog and you NEED it, shoot me an email and I'll set it aside for ya. Must go drink more tea and ingest some airborn. Sigh. Ya gotta love November.

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