Monday, November 26, 2007

The Week in Review: November 19-25

The Week in Review

Mostly we ate. A lot. And I cooked. A lot. Then we hiked, just a little and squeezed in a bike ride. It was a swell week with one day of my cold reappearing. Thank goodness for the tangerine trees and for naps. I love naps. We had Thanksgiving lunch with granny and she was in super spirits. She looks good, healthy and laughed oodles. I wish I was magically wealthy so we could all live together. The lady is a hoot and I love her.

I have oh, so, slowly updated the shop. There are wee buggie sachets, bright ideas and pop memory games available. I am doing a post office run tomorrow so if anyone gets their order in today it will be mailed tomorrow. I promise!

I'm off to visit the mama craze and her two boys and then it's off to the valley for a visit with the leetz and of course a wee pinch o fabric shopping. there's always room for fabric shopping. Happy almost December folks!

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  1. The picture of you and your Granny is beautiful. How lucky you are to have each other.

    I just tagged you if you feel like playing along. :)