Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We like wandering...

cabazon: walking the earth We left for Bisbee, Arizona a day before we were to stay at The Shady Dell. Luckily, the three of us are pretty good and wandering. We had no specific plan other than I wanted to take lots and lots of pictures, get a coffee once in awhile and hang out with the dinosaurs at Cabazon. We left around 8am and headed out, first stop Cabazon and some hamming it up and playing with the color accent feature on the camera.cabazon: swampycabazon: a-go-gos pose The light was fabulous and the sky was a perfect backdrop for these concrete prehistoric beasts. We hit the outer edge of the crazy outlet mall for a starbucks run and bathroom break and got sidetrack with a bit of bee watching as their rosemary was in bloom. Yes, we like to watch bees. We're a slow and pokey kind of folk. After a couple of hours driving, we hit up a rest stop for much needed stretches and such and I took this shot of lovely-to look-at-but-not-so-great-for-the-atmosphere contrails.random rest stop After lunching at Denny's (aren't we American) and driving for many hours more we finally pulled into the strip mall parking lot for some tiki treats at the Kon Tiki in Tuscon, Arizona.

I figured I better recap our trip a wee bit now before I forget and it is too late. Anyone up for a slideshow? Anywhoo...I'm gonna bike on over to the camera place to pick up the holga rolls but first I may to a bit of much needed Felt Club crafting. Or maybe I'll take a power nap. I've already baked two poundcakes and did two loads of laundry...oh drats, I need to go to the post office also. Eps, gotta skeedaddle!

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