Thursday, November 29, 2007

An Ode to Flannel bedding

toasty brown flannel
sheets on the bed. snowflakes blue
too warm to wake up

Oh baby, it is cold here in the tiny casa. For your information, yes, we do live in Los Angeles and I know...sunshine and blue skis and all that jazz, it's still cold to me. I'm a native and my personal thermostat is set for warm so when it gets to be around fifty-five degrees, I get cold. The tiny casa was built in the early 1900's and there is no insulation. Summertime is hellishly HOT and well, winter is pretty chilly. We have a small wall heater that only heats the living room so we use it sparingly and generally scuffle to and fro in layers, hats and scarves. If one of us is sick and living on the sofa, we shut the bedroom door, turn on the heat and bundle up on the sofa with Pee-Wee's Playhouse and oodles of hot tea. Then when we have to pee we dread getting up from our nest because we have to go into the cold, cold, bedroom to get to the bathroom. I would probably keel over if I encountered snow. I never really have. I want to...someday.
Anywhoo. I have never owned a pair of flannel sheets. I scoffed at their ugliness, I'm not a fan of plaid on the bed, but more and more I have been thinking about them for our tiny winters. I didn't want to wear socks to bed, I hate wearing socks in my sleep. They get all twisty and you kick them off, forget you did and wonder why you only have one rainbow striped knee sock covered in dust bunnies under the bed. I finally picked up a set, from Target, of course. They are brown with blue snowflakes so they kinda fit in with the room and the quilt. They were a bit stiff even after the wash but I decided to give them a chance and last night when I crawled into bed (sans socks) I do believe I sighed with their smoothness. I kept waking up and thinking "Gosh these are soft!" and when I woke up this morning to kiss the mister goodbye I thought I would camp out in bed all day. I have a new lurve! I dragged myself out, wrapped a scarf around my neck, put on stripey socks (orange & navy) and brewed a pot of green tea. I ate a loverly tangerine and a pumpkin bar for breakfast and now I need to finish what I started yesterday (putting the many piles of fabric away). Today I get to play with an old friend and new baby and I can't wait! Whoo-hoo for Thursdays!


  1. that pumpkin bar looks divine and so does your bed.

  2. you crack me up. 55 degrees. tee hee.
    That's about my favorite temperature.
    It's been in the high 30's here lately. Not bad. Bracing like I'd imagine aftershave would be.

  3. acukiki...i posted the recipe on flickr. sooo good!

    rachel-I know! I sound so pathetic but seriously, I'm a California girl and acclimated to warm weather though I'm not much of a fan of that either! I'm spoiled!

  4. Looks super snuggly and fab with your sheets!

  5. I totally understand the inertia of having to leave the toasty blankies to go to the loo. Groaning is always in order.
    Love the new sheets! And your quilt is amazing!