Thursday, November 15, 2007

Of pond potions and go-go gloves...

I'm drinking a smoothie that tastes like pond. Our landlord gave us a giant tub o' some sort of super food and it looks alot like fish food but after looking at the ingredients we decided we were game. Other than all sorts of grass and algae it has citrus peel, rosehips, vitamins and so much more. I wonder if I drink a vat of it will I end up sounding like Lucy and the vitameatavegamin.

Did I ever tell ya how Lucy totally shaped my sense of fashion? When I was five years old, a tv repairman came to fix our television. I thought he was taking it away and was quite alarmed. When my mother explained that he was going to fix it so that it would be in color because our color tubes were out or something like that, the first thing I said was "Yay! Now I can see what color Lucy's dresses are!" Then I learned all about b&w versus color. Drats!

More gnominess today along with go-go gloving. I didn't get any gloves sewn, I just managed to cut out all the felt. Why did that take so long? I'm on the mend from the ick I think. I still feel like sleeping all the time but my throat isn't so sore and my body doesn't ache as much and the fever is gone. Party time! I hope folks like the chocolate scented gnomes...and I need to get over my fear of sewing tulle. I need a bunch of tulle bags for something and I hate sewing tulle! Maybe I will break down and just make up some fabric bags instead.

Back to my pond smoothie. Happy Thursday folks!

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