Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Morning

Oh if you could see me now! Wardrobe remix I am certainly doing but I'm not sure I am in an outfit suitable for public view. If it were a little lighter outside or maybe if I didn't detest flash so much, I would snap a picture. I'm actually in pajamas of a sort and it is cold this morning in the tiny casa. Our casa was built in 1918 and is insulated like an origami box. So now I sit here enjoying my morning oatmeal with tangerines, honey and pecans while wrapped up in too many layers and colors that clash. Really clash, not artfully clash. On my head I have a most fabulous made for me rusty orange knit cap with fabulously fun navy blue poms dangling over the top. A hand knit for me scarf in shades of red, bergundy and pink is doubly wrapped around my neck and a black long sleeve sweater is covering the charcoal gray trapeze dress/shirt that I have been sleeping in. On my nether region is a pair of taupe yoga pants with a hole above the left knee and to top it all off I am wearing coloriffic gifted lavender and turquoise socks with frogs hopping all over them. Am I stylish or what? I am warm so I guess that's a go.

I did manage to hit the fabric store yesterday along with a delicious tea shop where I spent too much money on all sorts of yummy smelling goodness. I need to go back to the fabric store to pick up more linen as the store I hit didn't have any. I am also going to pick up a specific children's book. scrumdilly-do needs some new fun and I had a great idea around three in the morning. Must. Follow. Through. Other than that I am not doing any BIG TIME holiday shopping but I am doing enough where I don't feel I can take the Handmade Pledge. I will be making oodles of gifts but I will also be picking up a few small stocking stuffers and such. I have purchased a bit from etsy so I don't feel bad or guilty. If you took the pledge but are feeling the itch, hop on over to Keri Smith's blog for a list of 10 things to do instead of shop. She's one nifty lady and I will be doing a good part of this list myself!

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    I like your blog! hugs, graygoosie