Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gaggles of Gnomes & a Stinkified Casa

...at least it's stinky if ya don't like lavender! Wowza! Who knew such a small tub o the stuff could make the tiny casa so pungent? I thought I'd cut the flowery stuff and add some cocoa husks but the purple stuff just overwhelms. What do ya think? Do ya think you'd want a chocolate scented gnome?

I'm still sick with this weird viral ick. I found out that I'm not alone as the caffeine fiend has the ick also. Oh bother! It's been tea, tea, tea and tangerines and mashed potatoes all day. I'm gonna make a batch of chicken soup with rice and cross my fingers I'm all better by the time the weekend rolls around. I have class all day Saturday and Felt Club on Sunday. BUSY! This past weekend I whipped up more than twenty cozie cozies. Phew! Today is lavender and chocolate (not together) scented sachets and gnomes and tomorrow will probably be more gnominess along with some go-go gloving felt lurve. I still have some scarves to finish and of course there's one more bit of craftiness up my sleeves...for now, I think I'll take another nap. G'night.

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