Friday, November 16, 2007

Photobooth Friday: family time

photobooth friday: kids again
Click on the pic to read more about the adventure. I was thinking about how Thanksgiving is coming up and how our small family is so spread out it is difficult to coordinate all the holidays, ya know? My sister lives out of state and I wish she could come for one of the holidays and the mister's other sister lives three hours away and has another wacky family to deal with so we do what we can. We're having an impromptu-not-really-kinda-sorta Thanksgiving dinner this weekend which will probably be soup and salad or something. Okay, it isn't really a holiday to-do but we do get to see the boy a-go-go and his mom which will be nice. I need to make sure I pack up whatever I need to finish for Felt Club so that I don't completely freak out and fall apart! I have school all day tomorrow so this is going to be an interesting weekend. I'm still on the mend so much tea and pond nutrients will be absorbed! All I have left to do is the fabric bags for the games, game pieces to be cut, game baskets to be altered and some scarves to be whipped up...that's all...and of course everything needs to be organized...eeps!

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