Monday, October 01, 2007

The week in review: September 24-30

the week in review: september 24-30
While the week did not start out as exhausting ,it sure did end that way. Thank you to all the well wishes for granny. She is still in the hospital and things are as good as they can be, considering. We're keeping an eye on her fluid intake and the doctor's are trying to level out her calcium and potassium but it looks like we will be entering into the realm of Hospice care. It has been a long, long weekend. The mister and I spent it thinking of granny and visiting with her while entertaining two energetic kidlets the whole time. Phew! As hard as the weekend was on the granny front, we enjoyed many a performance of wee one's dancing to Proud Mary, countless games of Go Fish, readings of Book! Book! Book!, pumpkin painting and a whole lot of dancing. No wonder I'm spent! In a good way.

The beginning of the week however was full of crafting, writing and school prep. Our poor tiny casa looks a mess and needs a desperate cleaning if only to find my embroidery needle and the good scissors. Really, it needs a lot of sweeping and scrubbing but today I am not going to stress about it. Today I will do a little baking, a little crafting, a little writing and a long nap. Tomorrow I clean.

I wish you and your loved ones well and if you have your grannies around you give them a squeeze from me.


  1. Both my grannies are gone so I'll send a long distance squeeze to yours from here.

    Heck, you need one too, so here's a second one!


  2. thank you Sarah...the way it looks now this may be Grannie's last hospital stay but then again, Granny is a trooper. I just want her to be pain free, comfortable and smiling.

  3. I haz no granneyz, so extra hugs and kisses to yours. Hope things work out okay.

  4. Jeksa darlingest,

    sorry to be out of loop so long -- currently playing on mom-in-law's computer after spending day here hiding out with aliza (not in school do to seriously bad neck pain) from the floor istallation saws and compressor...

    anyway, we love and miss you and are so sorry about your grandma. hospice is an oddly wonderful thing though, yes? just about comfort and care and a little grace?


  5. Jessica,
    Oh my dear, I ,too, have stood in a hospital hallway bewildered and bleary eyed over a dear grandmother's care. Please know you both are in my thoughts. What you do for your Granny, to care for her, love her, respect her is a beautiful majestic thing. Just keep loving her up.