Monday, October 08, 2007

The Week in Review: October 1-7

the week in review: october 1-7
And what a week it was. Actually, it was pretty anticlimactic with a whole lot of stress and anxiety thrown in. Granny has returned to her nursing home fully hydrated and pain free. We're still looking into different hospice care facilities but at this point she is good and even able to stand if only for a moment. I am still quite overwhelmed and anxious but I know it won't last. This cold or fu or whatever I have doesnt; help matters too much. The mister is sick also so we're so much fun right now. I would write a little bit more but I'm already feeling tired and my throat is so scratch, scratch, scratchy I could cry. Hope everyone out there has a most loverly second week of October. Make an apple pie or two if you can. Thank you for the more than kind words on the previous post. Drained it was I am feeling but Iam sure I will bounce back...sometime.


  1. Even when you're a sicky you still give us a nice strong shot of colour! Hope you feel recharged and renewed soon.

  2. thanks! i need the color myself to feel recharged and sane!