Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Shout out to my Chicago Friends!

Come and support my craftiness along with oodles of other artists at the very first FLIST! Here's a snippet of what FLIST is all about:

We live in a largely online world today, and the new reality of blogging as a crucial communication tool has not been lost on artists. FLIST was created to explore how people and ideas connect through blogs and online communities via a physical art show. Through FLIST, established and unknown artists alike share ideas, network, promote work, and, in many cases, meet face-to-face for the first time. FLIST’s vision does not end with blogger-artists, however, as the exhibit is designed for everyone interested in discovering these dynamic online communities - all built with a passion for art at their foundation.

The opening reception is tomorrow from 7pm-2am at Happy Dog Gallery in Chicago. Directions and more info can be found here. There will a selection of foofoo bunnies, spunk rock onesies and dashboard dollies for sale all made by moi! There will also be oodles of fun, art, music and more. Check it out and take pictures for me please! I wish I could be there!

More begging and pleading coming soon, though the next post will be for my Seattle peeps! Is anyone going to Plush You?

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