Friday, October 26, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Trick or Treat

photobooth friday: pee-wee lurveThis strip was taken two years ago on Halloween or maybe it was the day after Halloween, I can't remember. I still have the wig sitting up on a shelf collecting the most amazing metropolis of cobwebs you can imagine. I need to take it down and give it a wash and a haircut. We have no costume plans this year. We'll be on the road but we will travel with the photobooth suitcase just in case we need something in a jiffy. I did try however to get the mister and his sister to dress up as Jack and Chrissy...sigh...if only we had an extra for Mr. Furley, it would be perfect! We're hitting the road soon, soon, soon and I can't wait! Have a splendiferous Halloween my firends and as always booth it up!

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Any arizona peeps?

shady dell, originally uploaded by sunshine indoors.

The A-Go-Gos are going on a road trip. Our destination is The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona. I have been itchin' to visit since 2000 or so and was wonderin' if anyone is going to be on or near our route. I can't be certain we will be able to stop and visit but I sure would like to try! Is it wrong to be bring more than three cameras?

I have the digital, the Holga, the Polaroid and probably either the Super Sampler or the quad cam. Or maybe just the first three. That's a lot of pic-shaws! I need to get me some more 120 for the Holga. I can't wait! any hints, tips or advice for places to visit along the way? We're loosey goosey travelers and plan on meandering and exploring. The sister A-Go-Go is coming also! Whoo-hoo. We're gonna have a blast!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I made more gnomes!

and am sooo hoping they will all be adopted! Check out my etsy shop here. Thank you to everyone for all their support! There will be more gnomie gnomes available in other colors at this year's Felt Club Holiday XL so if you're holding out for other colors no worries there will be more or you can message me for a custom order! I'm cool like that.

The fires are still going in full force. I had hoped to get to exercising on a regular basis this week but the air quality is so very bad, even in the tiny casa I am having trouble breathing. My thoughts and heart go out to all the displaced persons here in California. It is a scary, scary thing this fire season here. When I was young, the fires were always a little off my radar or very exciting but now, now I know the damage that can happen and the aftermath when the rains come and how it takes seasons and seasons for the earth to heal.

I hope that everyone who lives in any type of area that is prone to scary elements has an emergency plan. You and your family members should know what objects are most important to rescue and you should have an out of state contact to call to let them know you are safe and where you are so that they can relay the message to your family. You should have an overnight bag packed with clothes, shoes and prescriptions in your car at all times and it would be a good idea to start stashing away cash for emergencies. Don't forget the important documents and if you store all your work on the computer make sure you back it up. Keep favorite photos in an internet account like flickr, or burn to a cd. Transfer important documents to a flash drive on a regular basis just to be safe. And, as always, make sure you have water. I know bottled water isn't the trend when we are all trying to be environmentally sound but if a disaster such as a tornado or earthquake hits, chances are there won't be available drinking water on hand. We make sure to have at least 5 gallons of water in the casa and another 2 liters in the car. Most importantly play it safe and keep cool. People do stupid things when they panic. People are people folks and we need to help each other whenever we can. Stay safe.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Week in Review: October 15-21

the week in review: october 15-21

A busy-visiting-running-around kind of week. Book shopping with the Witch-lady, cleaning up the book castle with Leets, making gnomie gnomes, baking cupcakes, working on scrumdilly-do projects, paper writing, getting my haircut and visiting with SoMany, seeing the Birdie baby and finally going for a bike ride, phew! Oh and we ate at home all week, visited with granny, and worked on Felt Club projects aaaand, I cleaned off the kitchen table! Go me!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spooky tunes, anyone?

The countdown to Halloween has begun and in honor of the count, I have three mix cds up for grabs! It's Halloween Hullabaloo 2007! The first three people to send me their addie's gets one, hurry! Oh come on, you know you wanna hear some Screamin' Jay Hawkin's...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007



Yesterday, I sprained my foot. I have no idea how I did it but it was done and now I'm a limpy girl. My right ankle is all puffified and methinks I will park myself on the sofa and work on gnomie gnomes. How are y'all doin' with the Halloween countdown? Here's a little spookified eye candy.
pumpkin partay:  glittery pumpkins

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Week in Review: October 8-14

the week in review: october 8-14

We also slept oodles and bunches and recovered from the sick and went back to as normal a life as we lead. I headed over to the Leet's tiny casa to help clean it and ready it for her recovery time and I delivered a dollop of caffeine to Stace for her birthday as she was cooped up in packing box hell. There was paper writing, school visiting, and a mess of other things with only a pinch of time thrown in for baking so I made apple tartlets. Soooo good! All but 4 gnomie gnomes have sold so I need to make more and as always there will be papers to write and rewrite. Coming up, there is our trip we are going on...more like a stumble, we'll only be gone for four days, but if anyone knows of anything fun and nifty on the way to Bisbee, Arizona from Los Angeles, give me a shout out, will ya? Thanks! Wishing you al a most hep, happy October!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Balloons and Birthday Wishes

photobooth friday: for the love of balloons

Oh how I love a balloon. At least I love taking pictures of and with them. They are so festive and smile inducing how could you not love them? I know, they ain't so hot for our little blue world but still...I adore them. Here's a birthday shout out to the Caffeine Fiend. Hippo Birdies to you and all that jazz and thank you for being my friend!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Someone You Know has Lupus

Right around the time I was born my mother was diagnosed with Systemic-lupus-erythematosus also known as SLE. Upon this diagnosis she was also given a prediction of two years to live. She took that prediction to heart and while she did live for another 25 years, she lived in the shadow of this terrible illness. She was never able to work and the multiple number of medications she took compromised her immunes system even more. In December of 1999 my mother succumbed to her illness. Since 1977, October has been Lupus Awareness Month. In honor of my mother and in support of the millions who have this disease, I am selling an assortment of handmade purple items in my etsy shop. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Lupus Foundation of Southern California. Please take a moment to check out my etsy shop to see if any of these items tickle your fancy and if they do not please consider donating to the Lupus Foundation of America.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Week in Review: October 1-7

the week in review: october 1-7
And what a week it was. Actually, it was pretty anticlimactic with a whole lot of stress and anxiety thrown in. Granny has returned to her nursing home fully hydrated and pain free. We're still looking into different hospice care facilities but at this point she is good and even able to stand if only for a moment. I am still quite overwhelmed and anxious but I know it won't last. This cold or fu or whatever I have doesnt; help matters too much. The mister is sick also so we're so much fun right now. I would write a little bit more but I'm already feeling tired and my throat is so scratch, scratch, scratchy I could cry. Hope everyone out there has a most loverly second week of October. Make an apple pie or two if you can. Thank you for the more than kind words on the previous post. Drained it was I am feeling but Iam sure I will bounce back...sometime.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Oh how I could use some comfort food right now.

There is a wee wild beast tearing through the tiny casa with it's tail so full I would swear it was a raccoon. The sky is gray and heavy with clouds, the air is cool and I have so much to do and yet I feel exhausted. There are the beginnings of a sore throat which was predicted the moment the mister's tonsils swelled and there is the heavy, heavy tiredness that comes with worry. I'm not a "worry a little" kind of a person, I am a big time downward spiral style worrier. When I have one thing to worry about I decide my worry needs company so I find other things to worry about. This time, while I did indeed add to my worry, I actually have other things heavy on my mind. It is not unlike the can of crushed pineapple that recently exploded in our tiny pantry cabinet. I feel I need to let it out, unload but I don't everyone to run for the hills. I don't know exactly what I want but maybe all I need is to get it out there. So here is a rambling list o' worries feel free to scroll down to the happy picture instead.

Grandma worries me so, though yesterday she was doing so well she appeared back to normal. But I still worry about her, about her knowing she is near her end and I feel so sad for her because I can see it in her eyes that she wanted to do more but simply didn't and I selfishly worry that I will have those same regrets. I worry for the mister and his worrying. He's almost better at worrying than I am, our tiny casa right now is most certainly a place of doom and gloom though we try hard to mask it all with gnome making, cookie baking and polka dancing. I worry about my sister and all that she is going through. I worry about my brother, he may not live too far from me but sometimes I feel he is miles away. I worry for a dear, dear friend who has recently received the most awful news. I worry for my dear Roomie and her worries about her son. I feel unsure of my capabilities and am finding it so difficult to concentrate on schoolwork and then I feel a "why bother" sense and wonder what am I going to do...with my life. How will I contribute? How can I contribute? I worry for the family a-go-go and all their ups and downs and I feel so, so, sad and tired. I feel a sad longing for my grandma, my mother, I miss her so much, and for our failed attempts at a wee baby a-go-go. I feel sad, anxious, tired and lost. I want to pull all the shades and go back to sleep so that I can wake up to sunshine and lighter endeavors. Instead I will sit on the sofa and stitch, stitch away. I will bake some pumpkin cookies, watch taped television and attempt to work on my papers. Instead I will do my best to create something that makes me smile, if only for a moment.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Shout out to my Chicago Friends!

Come and support my craftiness along with oodles of other artists at the very first FLIST! Here's a snippet of what FLIST is all about:

We live in a largely online world today, and the new reality of blogging as a crucial communication tool has not been lost on artists. FLIST was created to explore how people and ideas connect through blogs and online communities via a physical art show. Through FLIST, established and unknown artists alike share ideas, network, promote work, and, in many cases, meet face-to-face for the first time. FLIST’s vision does not end with blogger-artists, however, as the exhibit is designed for everyone interested in discovering these dynamic online communities - all built with a passion for art at their foundation.

The opening reception is tomorrow from 7pm-2am at Happy Dog Gallery in Chicago. Directions and more info can be found here. There will a selection of foofoo bunnies, spunk rock onesies and dashboard dollies for sale all made by moi! There will also be oodles of fun, art, music and more. Check it out and take pictures for me please! I wish I could be there!

More begging and pleading coming soon, though the next post will be for my Seattle peeps! Is anyone going to Plush You?

Monday, October 01, 2007

The week in review: September 24-30

the week in review: september 24-30
While the week did not start out as exhausting ,it sure did end that way. Thank you to all the well wishes for granny. She is still in the hospital and things are as good as they can be, considering. We're keeping an eye on her fluid intake and the doctor's are trying to level out her calcium and potassium but it looks like we will be entering into the realm of Hospice care. It has been a long, long weekend. The mister and I spent it thinking of granny and visiting with her while entertaining two energetic kidlets the whole time. Phew! As hard as the weekend was on the granny front, we enjoyed many a performance of wee one's dancing to Proud Mary, countless games of Go Fish, readings of Book! Book! Book!, pumpkin painting and a whole lot of dancing. No wonder I'm spent! In a good way.

The beginning of the week however was full of crafting, writing and school prep. Our poor tiny casa looks a mess and needs a desperate cleaning if only to find my embroidery needle and the good scissors. Really, it needs a lot of sweeping and scrubbing but today I am not going to stress about it. Today I will do a little baking, a little crafting, a little writing and a long nap. Tomorrow I clean.

I wish you and your loved ones well and if you have your grannies around you give them a squeeze from me.