Monday, September 10, 2007

The Week in Review: September 3-9

The Week in Review September 3-9

Phew! What a week. It was chock full o' frenzy, anxiety and fun. The mister and I took a mini road trip lookin' for those thunderstorms I wrote about last week and I visited with friends and a brand spankin' new baby. I crafted, crafted, crafted. Watched fabulously bad television on DVD and angsted myself out over my first paper for class. Hee's a mini review clockwise from the top left of the picture:

*We drove up to Tehachapi just for kicks. We left around 5am and did our best to beat the heat. This pic is from old town Tehachapi. It's a nice little town with not much more than a cafe, a handful of motels and a quilt shop oh and they have three thrift shops (closed, for the holiday, bummer!)! Hmm..houses there are almost affordable!

*We have sooo many grapes from the vine. they are super sweet and yummy. They are slip skins and fun to eat. We sit outside and spit the seeds all over the place. You may not want to visit our garden now...

*I cleaned out my closet when I should have been writing or sewing. I donated four bags o' clothes to Goodwill and feel a little less anxious over my sloppy clothes hadnling ways...

*On our mini road trip we stopped for a picnic lunch by the side of the Kern river. The water was flowing pretty fast and there were oodles of folks out and about. Unfortunately the oodles of folks left oodles of trash which led to oodles of flies and yellow jackets trying to attack us. Makes me so sad. Why oh why do people not pick up after themselves?

*this young lady is my new lurve. Lookie her eyes! She's so sweet and smells so delightfully. I need to visit with her and the mama jay soon.

*I made up a batch of new cozie cozies...don't ya love that fabric? I wish I had picked up more. I can't find it anymore.

*This is where we went...

*I pulled out this box o' green bean cakes to top off some green tea muffins. They have a savory sweet flavor that doesn't immediately please my mouth but at least they are pretty!

*The mornings have been nice and crisp. It looks like I'll be pulling out the fall bedding soon. This is our summer bedding...

*Driving home from Tehachapi we finally encounter some amazing clouds. Only a few drops plopped on us but it was enough to take a side trek to Fort Tejon.

*Both the mister and I napped a bit. Here's the mister couch napping in his new SPZML shirt, artwork courtesy of the amazing Ander.

*Both the mister and I have plushies making their way to Seattle for Plush You. These are mine.

*And that's us...goofing off as we leave for a walk and some dinner at Palermo's.

Hope y'all had a most productive and pleasant week. Happy Monday!


  1. Great snapshot of B.B.!

    Jek, did you get to hold the littlest one?

  2. Lovely pics! I lived in Tehachapi for 9 months and nearly went out of my mind with boredom(if I only had the internet back then!). Tehachapi is very pretty but is home to a surprising number of satan worshipers, potheads, and alien cults. Glad to be here in safe and sane Los Angeles! ;)

  3. dusty-yep held the little one while she slept and drooled on me! adorable!

    evie, yep, felt that way. it was so nice and quiet but then this guy co mes out and starts cussing up a storm as he gets into a beat up pick-up...very red neck-like, yikes!