Thursday, September 06, 2007

Keeping busy and hiding from the heat

exquisite bugginess
I've been frantically working on projects galore. I shouldn't be, I should be ahead of the game but this heat has thrown me off and I guess I just work better under pressure. Not exactly a good way to go about it but it all gets done in the end. My plushies have been sent of for Plush You and all my other goodies are on their way to Chicago for the FList. I had wanted to send new stuff to Chicago but other projects kept me from completing everything so I sent Halloween-esque goodies instead. Gosh I hope things sell. If you're in Chicago you should check it out. Lots of nifty artist and designers and of course my cozies and foo-foo bunnies.

I'm furiously working on my first paper for school and class doesn't even start until September 15. I need to mail in a 10 page paper by the 11th. TEN PAGES! Yikes! I'm eeking it out bit by bit but of course now is the time I want to work on stuff for the shop or maybe bake something. Today is the first day it has felt chilly in a long while. I hope it stays on the cool side today. I was stymied into turning on my air conditioner earlier this week after much struggle and deliberation in regards to being a conscious energy consumer. I worried that what if when I turned on our air unit, it overloaded the circuit thingamabob and caused the power to go out? It was so, so, so hot and one of my neighbors is in her nineties so I worried but then, after raindrops of sweat kept trickling down my back and it felt like I was in a clay oven I decided to try it and thankfully nothing adverse happened. Thank you, Southern California Edison for adding those four new power out source thingies. Phew! It had been so hot I was reduced to making jello with fizzy water and while I like fizzy water, I don't particularly like jello. We were downing popsicles as if we were never going to enjoy the frozen concoctions ever again. They were yummy. I mixed cranberry juice with grapefruit juice. Perfect for crazy hot heat.

Today will be more of the same. I've got buggie pillows to stitch up, embroidery to do, a paper to work on, some flicks to watch and I guess I should probably clean up this tiny casa. There is fabric everywhere and I have not been returning the scissors to the scissor drawer so there are scissors hiding all over the place. We have about six pair and none are in the drawer. My pinking shears I think are ready to call it quits and if I jab a needle into my finger one more time I just may fall into a hundred years sleep. Yeah, I've got things to do,stitches to stitch and witch-baby's to shoo off of my sewing machine. I wish you all a productive Thursday! Toodles!


  1. i will totally check out the flist show and look for your stuff. i love everything you make, and halloween is my favorite holiday, so hell yeah i'm hoping to buy something!

    just out of curiosity, what are you studying in school?

  2. hey celia, thanks for the support! i wish i could be at the opening. bah! i'm studying child development/human development.