Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Fall!

baked apple
And it almost feels like it weather-wise. Our neighbor brought over this tasty treat on Saturday. It was super yummy and went especially well with the just baked gingerbread I had made. Saturday was a weird flukey day. We had a rainstorm that flooded the wee garden but once the rain stopped it cleared up leaving big swatches of mulch all willy nilly. The mister was trying to work in the garden and the big drops came in surges. It was an odd sight. Dark, gloomy but dry and then WHAM! Super powerful, heavy rain then silence and then it starts all over again. The poor mister would take to sitting under the shade tent until it stopped. At one point I donned my raincoat and went out sit with him. I love the rain...mostly...unless of course it has been raining for days and days then, not so much.

The days this week are pretty warm but the breeze is cool so it is super nice outside. The nights are cool yet warm still and all I need is a sheet until around three in the morning when it turns chilly enough for a blanket. I love this type of weather! My paper is finally finished and now I'm working on a bookmaking presentation. At least, I'm thinking about the presentation which I believe I need to do this Saturday but today I have set aside for swap crafting ,shop crafting and crafting crafting. I've got flicks from the library, an awesome, amazing book and a huge stack of magazines full of Halloween fun. Today is going to be a good day so go away bad brain. I don't want you hanging around, you hear?

Happy Wednesday folks!

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