Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beware of kitty

the witch baby:  peek-a-booMethinks the Witch Baby is ready for a rumble. She's been tearing all over the casa with a major case of the crazies and then sits at the front door doing that wierd "ma-aa-aa-aa" clicking, chirping, voiceless meowing only with volume. Then a low growl swells up then a snort and then she tears all over the place again. Truthfully, I find it wierd and disconcerting, when I crouch down on the floor and look out the front door with her I see no evidence of squirrels, morning doves or invader kitty so who knows what's up with her? (and yes, I do crouch down on my belly to peek through the glass of the front door as I ask the kitty what's up. I talk to her as if she is about to answer me and sometimes she does, mostly in disgust...)

Today I am finally, finally, finally mailing off tardy FAA packages, coloriffic and other stuff. Ya know how you get behind so you think you want to make it extra special but then the trying to make it extra special makes you even more behind so that you are running around in a vicious circle? That has been my whole summer though I like to think I was polka-ing around, that at least feels more whimsical to me. Applications for Felt Club Holiday are now being accepted and I want to finish up a sample of what I'm hoping to sell so that I have new pictures for my application. Which means a quick jaunt to the fabric store because of course none of the oodles and oodles of swatches and bits I currently have teetering every-which-way will work. Wish me luck!

I wonder if it's okay to leave the Witch-Baby alone? What if I return to a kitty shaped hole in the front door and a massacre of hollyhock plants all over the courtyard?

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  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Muahaha lurking kitty!