Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Week in Review

A couple of days's already old news.

Our internet is out. Has been since Sunday. the DSL simply won't work and the nifty folk at Earthlink have no clue. I'm kinda cranky about it all. I'm using my old friend, Dial-up right now so I am multitasking up a storm cuz it takes mawd-awful forever! Netflix has also screwed up and my nice system of a movie every other day has gone all wonky and I now have NO movies AND it seems my Moo sticker order has gone missing. Whine! Whine! Whine!

Last week was busy. There was work and visiting and faux-jitos to be sipped. The mister and I traveled on the train to downtown for tortas and then hopped on the gold line for some good old timey float fun at the Fair Oaks Pharmacy. We hung out in the garden and visited with granny and the Mama-a-go-go. I had cupcakes with Ander, Zaza and their Sherpa (aka The Caffeine Fiend) and I also hung out with the soon-to-be Mama Bean. I took MamaMidwifery down to get her haircut by the fabulous SoManyIdeas and then we spent too much monry on cloths for fall. It was a fun and nifty sort of week.

This week would be more fun if I could wile away many hours online. Instead I am reading and stitch, stitch, stiching up a storm. Today I get to go to the girlie doc and the heat has gone up into the 100's. This week should be interesting.


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