Monday, August 27, 2007

The Week in Review: August 20-26

the week in review
Most of the week was great! The vacation part, save for the bad eateries (it was really bad!) was awesome. The entire A-go-go clan took a drive down to Laguna Beach for The Pageant of the Masters and a couple of beach days. We had a swell time lazing about, digging in the sand. Lucky me got to meet up with not one but TWO fabulous flickr ladies! We chatted up a storm and took many a goofy, smiley photo. I look forward to seeing these two again! The mini vacation ended too early and of course I caught a cold which is simply lingering about my throat, not quite at full on party mode but enough there that I am dancing with a low fever and a whiney voiceless girl to boot. Of course now Mr. A-go-go has a sore throat also. Sheesh! The rest of the week was nifty. I worked on projects, baked a crumble, visited with granny and scored an interview for the college program I want to enroll in. The only not so great parts to the week consist of eating in Laguna and of course this annoying cold.

My sister has finally started a blog. I've been harrasssing her to do this as a therapeutic thing because really, when your ex is assier than an ass you gotta git it out there somewhere. Be gentle, she's just warming up. Good luck sis, I'm rootin' for ya!

And now it is time to down major doses of airborne and Yogi Healing Support tea, make a list of things I need from the fabric store, and clean off a surface or two. Happy Monday!


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  2. Whenever I see "comment deleted" my brain always goes into overdrive trying to imagine what it was :P

    Poor Jek, hope you feel better soon! Thanks for the link to your sister's (I didn't know you had a sis) blog, I've been enjoying reading it this morning. :)

    PS thanks for the rocking bloggers tag, it warmed the cockles of my heart, it did.

  3. oops...thank you betty for your well wishes!

  4. oh and Steph, you ARE a rockin' blogger! :)