Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rockin' Girl Bloggers

and according to Lyn, I am one of them! Thank you! So, now it is my turn to give a shout out to five rockin' girl bloggers who in turn can give a shout out to five of their faves and so on and so on! Phew, this is difficult to do because there are soooo many of you out there but here is my own wee list:

The Adventures of Ander and Zaza Stacey writes some of the best words ever and fronts up all the news regarding the ever fabulous Ander and Zaza. She and I will someday rule the world, that is if we can ever manage to stop gabbering and start our writing.

Blog Portion Stephanie who writes of crafting, kitties and motorbikes always manages to crack me up. It may be the whole lobster lurve connection also...that and I owe, owe, owe her many packages!

The Felt Mouse Jennifer has oodles and oodles of talent oozing out of her. She can sew, cook and plan a kitschy party like no other, not to mention her love of Target surpasses mine.

The Metaphorical Magpie Rachel is simply niftier than nifty. She's a pro when it comes to the self portrait challenge, i fact she's now a SPC blogger. I can't wait to meet her in person someday!

Hula Seventy We're talking girl crush all the way. How could I not adore the creator of Photobooth Friday? Her words, her pictures her outlook make me wish she were my neighbor.

Well, that's just a smidgen of what I read on a regular basis and there are so many more out there. The five listed up there are inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing your wee worlds, now go tag some others!

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  1. my goodness, how did I MISS THIS? thank you! a thousand times over, thank you! I'm blushing here, miss a-go-go... so totally honored to be on your list here. because well, you are the very definition of a rockin girl blogger. you know that, right? look it up in the dictionary and I guarantee your photo will be right there.

    how in the world did you ever narrow the list? I'm going to have to start working on mine n-o-w!

    xoxo to you!