Friday, August 31, 2007

Photobooth Friday: a very good day

Summer is coming to an end though you couldn't tell by the blasted heat we're getting here. Sheesh! The mister and I have taken to popsicle eating and neighborhood walks. It's been too hot to sleep let alone work on school papers and projects with deadlines. This past Wednesday was spent hamming it up in the Pull My Daisy photobooth, adventuring with Ander & Zaza. We took at least a dozen strips to get that perfect one for the school boy's cubby. And of course we whooped it up quite a bit. After the boothing extravaganza (and shoe lust, Pull My Daisy is having a HUGE shoe sale and the cutest of cute shoes that sadly don't work on my Flintstone feet.) we feasted on smooth, cold gelato and then traveled home to take care of real world responsibilites.

Boothing is always a blast and it is even better when there's a crowd! Happy Friday folks. Don't forget to check out the Photobooth Friday flickr pool and of course Hula's fabulous posts.

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