Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My crafty mojo is back!

five things wip
Back in February I started a new swap-group. Don't misunderstand my motives, I adore Coloriffic but it just got so HUGE! There are over a thousand members, not everyone swaps I know but I just craved something small, something creative, something entirely handmade so five things was born. With five things, the responsibility of a swap doesn't solely rest on my shoulders. Other people can create their own themes and you can play as often or not as you like. What I like most is the small circle of crafters and the beautiful packages full of handmade love. The other part I am really digging is how I sign up for a swap and then blank on what I am going to make. How many needlebooks does one person need? Or eyeglass cozies...tissue holders? I've had to really put my thinking cap on and with the most recent group, I came up with something that I find so delightful I am making more for the shop.
four things
Mothy lavender sachets. Or maybe an odonate or two. I have so many tiny pieces of vintage scraps that I need to use and they look so pretty with the flaxen weave of linen or almost linen that I can't help myself. Perhaps I will bundle them up and sell them in packs of two or three. The wee pillows are about four inches square and backed by the accent fabric in the front. The green print you see is vintage, the black is not but it feels that way to me. I am so happy I have my crafting mojo back. I was a-wanderin' for awhile. It was too hot to bake, too hot to craft and too hot to play hopscotch. I even ran out of Sweet Valley High books to reread...thank you for that crafty mojo. Phew! I was worried.

Have you seen the quirky, cute, fantastic dolls that Hillary of Wee Wonderfuls is making? They make me smile so much it hurts. I get a deep happy sadness when I see them because they remind me of all the dollies my Mamos used to make and sell. I wish I had at least one of them still. Mine was named Angela and she had black pigtails made of yarn, an impish Little Audry-like embroidered smile and the cutest little calico dress with puffy sleeves and sash. I feel so lucky to be able to participate in this crazy, colorful, crafty world of blogs. So very lucky. All the sharing...it's a good, good, thing!

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  1. Jek, I love the 5 things swap, it's easily my favourite of all the swaps I do. Like you, I always have to rack my brain for things to make!

    Glad you got your crafty mojo back, can't wait to see what you make for the shop :)