Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Making Lemonade

With all the not so good that has happened this week I am in full Lemonade making mode. I think becasue it is so hot I should make it frosty. This is of course figuratively speaking as I ain't gots enough lemons for the real deal. What I do have is good friends who happily fill my days with fun. frolicking and commissions. I've got work to do.
Here's a picture of the last of the Office Paddies. I think the mister needs to make more as they make for perfect crayon caddies. Mama Midwifery bought one from us for a three year old's birthday and we decided that crayons must go in the back pocket. Check them out here. Aren't they perfecto? Today has already been crazy busy! I hit a couple of thrift shops and picked up some fun vintage linens, children's books, turquoise pyrex and a vintage toy cash register. I went to the market and made a cucumber dip with green onion and cilantro and then I took in some photoboothing with the adventurous Ander & Zaza. After the boothing we partook of some excellent gelato. Since I have been home I have washed and hung one load of linens on the clothesline and set up a project for scrumdilly-do and now I think it is time for a shower, some embroidery and a viewing of an After School Special...or two. How's that for some lemonade?

Tomorrow I get to visit a Waldorf School with the Bushee Boy and of course, craft, craft, craft away. Happy Wednesday folks! Make it a good one!


  1. Wow Jek, just reading about that wears me out! Glad you had a happy Wednesday though!

  2. The cucumber dip sounds yummy. Cilantro, green onion, and wha?

  3. cilantro, green onion, garlic and cucumber! super yummy!!!! (ooh and some fresh lemon juice)