Thursday, August 02, 2007

Aack! Exploding brain!

thai iced tea
I have too, too, too many ideas in my head and methinks my brain might actually explode so for now I choose to drink copious amounts of thai iced tea whilst reading newly re-scored Sweet Valley High Super Editions. I have oodles of projects in bits and pieces for the shop and of course all those swappy swaps I like to do not to mention gifts to make for friends and such...sigh...put me in some harem pants that cover my (outtie) belly button, give me some liquid eyeliner, put my hair in a high, high ponytail and let me do my magic.


1 comment:

  1. Write 'em down? Sketch 'em out?

    One reason I love swapping so much is that swapping gives me a brief to fill and then I come up with something that fits. then my brain doesn't combust. Me? Right now I'm putting a moustache on the Queen and making a shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe.