Monday, July 09, 2007

The Week in Review: July 2-8

What a week! Doctor's visits, family visits, friend visits and a whole lotta eating out! it was crazy!

On Monday both of us had medical stuff to take care of. The mister ended up on cray antibiotics and I ended up with two less moles. My neck is still recovering. Tuesday was full of a little work here and a little work there a I prepped for my first week of classes which start tomorrow. Eee! Wednesday was a holiday and we hightailed it out to Chatsworth where we breakfast-ed with Cat at Henri's and then we headed east for a day of cavorting with the mom and the sis. It was a full day. We ended up trying out a yummy new restaurant in Eagle Rock called Spitz. Yay for sweet potato fries! Then we coasted into Pasadena for a viewing of Waitress which was simply delightful but now I have that durned song stuck in my head. After the flick it was Fosselman's baby! Whoo-hoo! Homemade ice-cream at it's best! We had peach, strawberry & chocolate, and root beer float. Sooo good! Seriously folks, Fosselman's and Scoops is where it's at. Speaking of Scoop's, don't forget Felt Club XL Summer is this weekend and the master over at Scoops is opening his shop for the day which is such a good, good thing! What more can you ask for? A day of crafty shopping from some of the most talented crafters around, nifty artsy craftsy classes AND homemade brown bread ice cream? I'll be there! Gonna get me a t-shirt from Poketo. My last one has been worn too often and has too many spills to prove it. Don't miss out! Thursday was so busy I forgot what happened (oh wait, now I remember, I got to visit with the mama to be!) and Friday was another day for friends. I hung out with the Leets for her MRI and then had breakfast at Jinky's where I got to play catch-up with an old work buddy who I then invited along to crash the Blue Jay's baby shower on Saturday. No crafting this week but I did make some chocolate dipped pretzels and we scored an amazing tomato from the garden. Huge! It was so red it was magenta. Oh wait, I lied. I did do some crafting. I finished Baby B-Birdy's blanket/quilt. The mister and I worked as a team to gift the parents-to-be with a circus inspired baby blanket. Turns out this baby is gonna have a lot of blankets to choose from! And then on Sunday I cleaned. I cleaned out drawers and threw things away and discovered a most nifty gift for the Dad-to-be which I need to bring over soon. Phew! Oh and it was a week of root beer floats cuz ya know, July is National Ice Cream Month!

Hope y'all had a great, GREAT week!

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