Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Quilty-crafty and memories

One of my dearest and niftiest friends is going to have a baby. The wee B.Birdy is due in a few weeks and the baby shower was two weeks ago. I am a far from a subtle gift giver and can get kinda crazy but I think I reigned it in pretty well. The mister and I made the new-family-to-be a nifty circus themed baby quilt.

I pieced it and stitched and the mister helped me pin and all that jazz.

We added a treasure trove of polka-dot ribbon tags all around the edges for the little miss to roll or crawl to when the time comes.
 All I can say other than how pretty it is, is that wrestling all that fabric into your sewing machine is enough to cause you to growl and say things you probably shouldn't while making a pretty pink baby quilt.

I also presented them with a small assortment of circus themed books. Babies can never have too many books. I don't think anyone can have too many books except for The Leets who is probably shaking her head as she reads this saying "Jeksa? I think I may have too many books!" and I would tell her that yes, maybe she has one or two too many.
All this quilty stuff reminds me of all the tiny doll quilts I am seeing pop up all over the internets. These tiny quilts remind me of my Mamos and the gifts she used to make for me to give to the little girls whose parties I was invited to. As a tow-headed tot I was invited to a lot of birthday parties. We were flat out poor folk and well, my mother had an exquisite eye for beauty and hated the stigma of poor that hung over our heads so she always went a little all out when it came time for birthdays. The year I turned six was the year of the doll kit. She made these adorable cookie cutter shaped dolls about eight inches tall. Arms and legs akimbo with sweet embroidered smiles and long yarn hair braided into pigtails. Each doll was dressed in tiny handmade dungarees and plaid shirt with itty bitty buttons or snaps down the front and came with a nightgown, robe, and party dress. The dolls were lovingly placed in a wicker basket that Mamos turned into a bed with tiny pillow and matching quiltlet. All in all a very beautiful and sweet birthday gift. My dollie had brown hair and her quilt set was all navy blues and purples. It was made from a faux quilt print but all that sweetness wrapped up in a basket was magical to me and my friends. I still have the quiltlet but sadly cannot find my dollie. More than a decade ago before my Mamos died I tried to get her to make them again. I told her that people would start to turn to simple handmade items for gifts, that the whimsy of what she made would trump a beanie baby any day. I wish she had made them. I've been hashing them out in my head and have attempted them on my own but all it does is make me miss my Mamos more. She would have loved the internet and I do believe the internet would have loved her.


  1. what a beautiful story and a gorgeous quilt
    luv Abby

  2. excellent.
    thx for sharing