Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I say To-May-Toez

the first BIG tomato
I'm eating homemade peach cobbler for breakfast. Is that even legal? My neighbor made it for us as a thank you for watering her garden. The gift was completely unnecessary but completely yummy also. Don't worry, I have some juice or milk or somethng to balance out all the butter and sugar.

This tomato you see up here was the first tomato from our crazy crop. We also have a Tiny Tim bush but with it growing so close to the ground it seems it has become a new habitat for little worms and bugs and such. Darn those pesky bugs. This tomato was absolutely mazing. So sweet and juicy and just delovely. Here is a picture of it sliced, the color is almost fuschia! Too bad you're not a neighbor. We've been handing these out all week. I've been planning my weekend lunches and weekly dinners around them. I love having a garden! LOVE IT!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with a wee one who will only answer to the name Minnie Mouse. She told me all about why she won't go into The Tiki Room. It was adorable and I had a blast. Today will hopefully wrestle up some more nifty conversations and then I need to write my personal statement for my Pacific Oaks application. Personal Statement? what is that exaclty. Can any of you smarty pants out there help me with this? Yikes! I gotta go to the post office and then catch the subway...time for work!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Nothing compares to a tomato from your own garden. It looks delicious! Mmmmm!

    What is it about store bought tomatoes? Is there some sort of secret process at the tomato factory that sucks all the flavor out? How do they do that?