Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Better late than never

I know FCXL Summer was a week ago but here's a collage of all the goodies I picked up. Click here for more detail. It was way too easy for me to spend money. It's a good thing the next one isn't until November! I've been so behind on everything this month. I've been mailing packages out late, uploading flickr pics that are weeks and weeks old and just all around lateness. It has been too nice outside even with all the hot, hot, heat to actually get things done. Ya know, the kind of weather that makes you want to lounge about in a hammock, reading fluff and drinking tall fizzy drinks. We even got a tiny touch of rain yesterday which woke me up around 5:30 so that I could sit at the window and watch it. The garden has been amazing this summer and I am having the best love affair with tomatoes and fresh veggies. I have even been behind in grocery shopping. I have been doing a lot of "What can I make with a can of chickpeas and this?" Last night I made a pretty tasty pasta with a "no cook" sauce of chickpeas, tomatoes, green onion, lemon and sauteed greens and onions. It was soooo tasty! It probably would have been better with other noodles but all we had was spaghetti. I also discovered some puff pastry in the freezer and whipped up a sour apple tart. I am loving this cooking with whatever is on hand! Last week I made a pizza using a premade round. I smothered it in a garlic yogurt sauce, added some steamed yukon gold potatoes, broccoli, sliced onion, fresh rosemary and whatever cheese was in the fridge. Viola! A tasty pizza that rocked even more as leftovers. Tonight we will be partaking of leftovers since I made so much pasta. We have a 24 pound watermelon to chop into and some strawberries to finish off. Maybe I'll try to find a farmers market on the way home from work tomorrow...that sounds like fun!

I also finally, finally, finished my five things for the bug swap and I am so pleased with them. Methinks I may add some to the shop...I gotta figure out how to balance the busy, busy, busy-ness with the lazy, lazy, laziness!

Gotta skeedaddle. I have books to return, teeth to brush and work to head out to. Happy Tuesday folks!

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