Monday, June 04, 2007

The Week in Review: May 28-June 3

Boy howdy! Was this a busy week! Yowza! I think I will break it down day by day...

Monday: Mr. a-go-go & I woke up uber early and trekked out to Malibu where we had breakfast on the beach. We then hit the valley hoping to experience Dagla's for lunch but they were closed but we did get a chance to try Hugo's famous tacos. Pretty good.

Tuesday: Thrifty Tuesday with Jenny where I scored oodles of great vintage books and some tablecloths. Then I worked on my memior for english class. I also felt a sore throat coming on so I drank oodles and oodles of green tea with cayenne...all better, mostly!

Wednesday: School. Almost didn't make it but I did and then I did some damage at Target where I once again discover that Customer Service is a thing of the past. Grrr. I also lost my debit card but didn't discover that until Thursday. Oh and I realized (more like I got a phone call...eeps!) I totally blanked on Tinker because I wrote down the wrong dates. they had me on for this week and I had me on for next. Yikes!

Thursday: Gab-happy shopping day with the coffee queen. We traveled almost 30 miles just so we could go to a Japanese "dollar" store. Yes, we are dorks. We also drank coffee, ate fabulously cheap teriyaki and only got lost once!

Friday: Laundry, laundry and more laundry! I also hit the market and did up a handful of projects for scrumdilly-o! Phew!

Saturday: We lazed about at home. I did homework and the mister worked in the garden. We took a break to go hang out with granny and she was doing pretty well. She still has the room to herself which is nice. He last roomamte passed away and that was cinfusing for her. Sigh.

Sunday: Our neighborhood street fair was happening so we parked it at home. I crafted in fits and did homework the rest of the time. The mister put in a new drip irrigation system. We lunched out in the garden and watched the antics of the bees longer than any adult should, but I like bees. For dinner we took a gander at the fair and picked up a sub sandwich from Palermo. We split the sandwich and had a salad from the garden and it was nice. During my homework break I watched Wonderfalls. Yay!

See? Busy! This week is my last week of school before finals. Tinker tomorrow because I totally blanked. Soooo sorry Holly! I'm off to finish my Poetry Anthology and then it's bank time to get a new debit card! Happy June folks! Keep cool if you're hot and warm if you're cold!


  1. As a fairly new reader of your blogs, just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying each "week in review." Such a great idea--and your photos are so vibrant!

  2. thank you diane(in japan)! thank you so much!