Monday, June 18, 2007

The Week in Review: June 11-17

School's out...whoo-hoo! It was a nice mellow first week of vacation for me. I have a few weeks before I start my summer job so I am overwhelmed with what to take care of first. Yikes! Last week there was a lot of domesticity like grocery shopping and laundry. We have street parking here and one cannot guarantee a spot close to home when yer out and about so luckily, we have a wagon in which I can transport our groceries...isn't it cute? Also, the clothing line has be rehung finally and we're a dryer free zone for the summer. I think I need a new/old apron for holding my clothespins, somehow the freebie Martha Stewart one ruins my romantic ideas of hanging laundry. I managed to complete a handful of projects for srcumdilly-do! and a whole flock of birdies landed my way! Yay! We also hung out in the garden oodles and bunches and there was a bit of family visiting and of course granny. We finally finished off the margarita mix and moved on to mojitos. Seriously folks, if yer local come join us! Jennifer? Jenny? Cathy? Swing on by, Fridays at 5pm...there may be shortbread...

I am now however cold ridden and I don't know about you but colds really kick my arse big time so I will sit here and be a whiny, snarfly, cranky lobster-girl but you won't know it because you can't (luckily) see me! If I can stop my whining long enough I'm going to tackle me some chicken crafting...I still have no idea what I am going to make. Bwak! Click here if ya wanna know more about what is going on in the picture.

Happy year almost half over!

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