Thursday, June 07, 2007

Procrastination Creation!

five things birds of a feather swap
So, the five things bird swap was due to be mailed on June 2. I had oodles and oodles of ideas running the gammut from embroidery to quilting to collage pieces but I simply could not decide! Then I got this idea. A hummingbird egg of an idea culled from something I made when I was playing with Nervousness and I went to my kitchen and got some supplies. I stood there looking at what I had and thought, this won't work so I went online to see if I could order something better and I found a lot of somethings but they were all on poorly designed websites and they did not accept paypal. Drats! What to do? What to do...

I decide to sit on the idea and let the world inspire me and then the Queen of Coffee an I were at Marukai where I found exactly what I was looking for in two different styles and they were only $1.50 each! Whoo-hoo! I swooped, I sntached, I soared! And when I got home I put it off...I had to mail my birdies in two days. I decided Friday I would start.

Friday arrives and I am woken up by the linnets' song around 5am. I pop out of bed and do three loads of laundry, hit the market and do something else, I forget what. Eventually I get to my birdie project and it was one of those ideas you have the looks oh so much better in you head! Aack! Now what was I going to do?

I walk around the tiny casa and do little bits of other projects. I decide finally on what to make and though I am not thrilled, it will do. It was almost the same idea but using a different vessel. I finish up after a frantic mad crafting frenzy and now I need to package it all up but how? How can I make it look all purdy-like? Then, as if a mockingbird pecked me in the head I get it! I will use what I bought for the original idea as the packaging! I try it, it works and now I need to prettify it...I search high and low in the tiny casa and uncover a box of vintage lace so pretty you would weep if you happenend upon it, which is exactlty what I did! I then wrapped each one up in a plain brown bag and sent them off to the bird you think they are acceptable?
five things; birds: another sneak peek
Oh and in case you are dying to know, the secret ingredient is unbleached tea bags! Click here for a close-up...


  1. Everything from your *tiny casa* is destined to be fabulous!

  2. Divine! I hope I get one of yours!

  3. I will weep enough to fill a birdbath if I don't get one of these. Although my project turned out to be something I made you last summer for our private bird swap. So if you get mine, you'll have inadvertently started a new collection.

  4. Well, yeah--I think they look adorable!