Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

chinatown may 2007: pretty!

There's something quite magical about the main square in Chinatown. I've been here oodles of times and yet I always take pictures ofthe same things and they always come out a litle different. It hasn't changed much over the past few years but it is so different from when I was a kid. It is semi-thriving, it could do better but lookie how pretty all the lanterns look! I love coming to Chinatown.

Tinker was a blast yesterday. Holly, the current Toddlart chica is awesome and a hard act to follow I tell ya! This week we are creating moonscapes with clay, glue and glitter. I'm going to take pictures tomorrow!

This semester is coming to a close and I have three finals on Monday! Acck! I have a rough draft of my memoir due today and I'm not relly into the groove of it. I have too many stories to tell and the one I chose is boring to me. Oh well. Live and learn. I'll probably change it all at the last minute anyway. The mister's birthday is this weekend and I have to study, study, study. Sigh. Soon, it will be over and then I will be a Tinkerin' away!

Felt Club XL Summer is coming up! If you're in town it is a must see! I will be shopping there this time around!


  1. This picture is beautiful! I love it!

  2. Mary-Heather1:19 PM

    Loving your blog - found you through Offbeat Bride (LOVE - not like, but LOVE - your wedding pics!) and I'm not even a week back in your blog archives and I realize we know two people in common - Sew Darn Cute Jenny (from craftiness) and Tinker's Holly (from CalArts). Those ladies are awesome. Good times!!