Monday, May 14, 2007

The Week in Review: May 7-13

The Week in Review

Wow! What a week! Monday I had my big presentation and Tuesday there was the BIG fire! Wednesday was a pretty mellow day, just class and movie viewing for my paper. Thursday I went to the dentist to check out stuff and well let's just say Thursday wasn't necessarily a good day. Friday was crafty, schooly and something else but I can't remember. Saturday was the big Felt Club Mother's Day event at Whole Foods and Jenny & I had a blast! It was awesome to get to hang out with wee ones and talk about crafting. I miss that from my storytime days. I got back from the event completely exhausted but did some shopping at Whole Foods so I had some yummy sandwiches and a nice cold bottle of lemongrass soda. Mr.A-go-go and I hit the road to visit with granny and we came back to a mellow evening and I completely forgot that they were showing the missed Gilmore Girls episode so I only saw the last twenty minutes! Oh no! I am a GG dork and cannot believe I missed this important second to last episode of the series. Bah! On Sunday, we cooked up a big breakfast for Mama-a-go-go and had a nice visit in the garden. I worked, worked, worked on my paper and Mr. A-go-go had to go out and get the movie for me again because I thought of scenes I didn't write down and needed to clarify stuff...I got soooo wrapped up in my paper that I did a most horrbile horrible thing. So horrible that I woke up at 4am this morning because of it and actually it wasn't what I did but what I didn't do and that was visit granny....on Mother's Day! Needless tosay, I have been up for a long time now and I feel so sick and sad at my selfishness. She hasn't been doing well and we have been trying to visit with her as much as possible and to just forget...I don't feel so good and I feel ill and all nauseous and I am a horrbile granddaughter. I will be missing my Englih class this afternoon so that I can sit with her. The woman in the bed next to her is in hospice care which is stressing granny out big time. Granny is slowing down a lot and she is becoming more and more forgetful. She finally now looks old. This to me is so very sad and I know she is lonely and I know she is scared and I failed her yesterday.

Forgive me or the pity party here, I needed to get it out. I feel horrible, I do but I can't change it I just have to do something now and I will. I have two other classes today I will make it to and I have misplaced all the important paper work and syllabi in this tiny casa and I can't find them anywhere. Sheesh lady, you're on a roll.

So, I am taking a deep breath and am going to move forwrd in a postive manner and make al ist of what neesto be don and slowly work my way through it and I won't beat myself up for what I cannot get to. I hope everyone out there had a wonderful weekend and that there was goofiness, laughter, smiles and loved ones. Happy May folks!

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