Monday, May 21, 2007

The Week in Review: May 14-20

Phew! Another busy week full of school work, cooking and visiting with friends. I'm down to three weeks left of school, which leaves me with two exams and two big projects...sooo close! Last Friday, Stephanie and I instituted our first summertime Margarita Friday so if you're in the neighborhood you should drop by. We have a whole lotta mix and we lightweights will be taking our sweet time with the boozie stuff. Seriously though, Fridays this summer are for cocktails and then hiking. An odd combo maybe but I think the light buzz will help me ignore the pain in my lungs as the Mister and I work our way to the Observatory. Susan, I know you did it often but lady, what a walk! Yikes! We got about half way there when I strained a muscle in my groin and couldn't walk anymore without an "ooh" and an "eeh" sneaking out of my mouth. so, once again, if yer around the hood between 5 and 6pm drop on by for a cocktail and some sidewalk chalking. After drinks it will be dinner and then when the sun starts to set we'll be hiking up up and away.

Other than that I've been visiting with dear old granny and dutifully reading my texts for school. Packages arrived this week, some from swaps and one from an etsy purchase and then of course I saw this and had to get this fabric which arrived 2 days later! Wowza! Score one for Sew Mama Sew!

Gilmore Girls ended on a surprisingly sweet note and while I am sad to no longer bond with the ladies I am free of this slight addiction and promise to go on more walks! We ate a lot of salads this week with goodies from the garden and I only baked up two batches of cookies one of which was for this young lady's birthday.

This week I will be finishing up my Coloriffic Pakcage and hopefully be making some goodies for the shop. We will be visiting with family during the weekend and I have no school on Monday! I do however have a ten page page memior due...sigh. Where do I start?

Gotta go pack my lunch and then hit the store for some powdered strawberry drink mix, it's a scrumdilly-do thing and then I'm off to school, school, school! Happy monday folks! I'll catch ya later!


  1. It's a nice fabric, no? I also wanted that pink circus-ey one you got. Yum.

  2. Jessicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    I miss you in my garden! Have you uploaded all those GORGEOUS pics to flickr (so I can steal nice fat files from you)????? I took NONE of those detail-y pictures I like to have for party-posterity, and it looks like you did...!!!!
    Hope your paper went well -- it meant a world-of-pink-roses that you squeezed us in.


  3. Margaritas sound good, especially since I am not working right now. Heh-heh

  4. green kitchen: it IS nice fabric and I have you to bl..thank! :)

    stacey: I have oodles of pics, sadly your wee girl moves around so much that she is all blurry in them...many didn;t take becasue of the brright sun and my old camera but I can email or burn ya a dic, whicever but I have misplaced yer email of course so let me know! :)

    jules:i sent you some info abotu friday...:)

  5. Sweet Valley High books? I was always more of a Babysitter's Club girl, myself.

  6. yup, sweet valley high came out when i was 13 and i was a blonde blue eyed jessica so felt it was special...i was a little too old for BSC when they came out I was probably reading my trashy collection of VC Andrews books by then...;)