Monday, May 07, 2007

The Week in Review: April 30-May6

Last week was all about school, school and more school. It was also about chickens and roosters and just a little bit about sweets like cupcakes and cookies. I have mostly finished my big school project. It is done but I can't help but think I am forgetting something. We'll find out when I do my presentation. I made a flannel board story for Chicken Little and it might even rock just a little.

This week I get to write oodles of papers. Papers for English and papers form my film class. School has 5 more weeks and then I am out until Fall.

Also, if yer in L.A, this saturday, Jenny & I will be crafting it up with available kidlets at Whole Foods on 3rd (across from Farmers Market) from noon-3pm. We're gonna be promoting Felt Club and we'll be making wholesome market ready crafts for Mother's Day like pasta necklaces and such. So bring yer kidlets down and do some shopping while you're at it! The Felt Club XL Summer is just around the corner in July.

Okay, I gotta skeedadlle and make sure I have everything I need! Wish me luck and if anyone wants a Chicken Mix Cd lemme know! (I've already got you covered Steph!)

Tomorrow is National Teacher's Day. What are YOU gonna do for your wee one's Teachers?


  1. yay, I'm so happy to hear about Tinker! congratulations!!

    and the whole foods demo sounds super fun too :)

  2. Jek, the class at Tinker sounds great! How excellent for you! Yay!
    Am I the Steph that's receiving chickens? :P

  3. thanks ladies and yes Steph, you are the one!