Sunday, May 06, 2007

The sky is falling!

I'm working feverishly away on my big paper for my Children's Lit class and I am stuck stuck stuck! I'm not quite clear on the directions and I can;t find any of my contacts for the class so I am feeling major doom right now but I will go forth and do my best to present the best chicken anthology ever! I need to do a ten minute presentation on a collection of folktales within a theme. I picked chickens and roosters because, well ya know I've had chickens on the brain lately. I've got 7 stories, 2 of which are the same story just one of them is toned down and all PC for todays "sensitive kiddies" (snort!). I need to write my introduction still. I have been but it, well it sucks so I need to rewrite it and I need to annotate all the stories fancy like and then I need to arrange them in a "meaningful way" and I get ot transcribe them. Don't you wish you were me? Actually, it is fun, I'm just stressed because the assignment feels a bit vague. I had 16 chicken and rooster stories originally and I have finally narrowed it down to 7 with oodles of help from Mr.A-go-go who has a much better brain for thinking laterally and specifically. For my presentation I am going to do a flannel story of Chicken Little because really, I want to spend my Sunday making Foxey Loxey and Cocky Locky and Henny Penny, really, I do! I envision this awesome set of quilty flannel board fun! I hope it works. Sooo back to my paper, I needed a mini vent so that I can get it out. Mr.A-go-go will be back in a couple of hours and I need to have a good portion of it done otherwise I am in BIG TROUBLE! Soooo...check out the prettiness I sent to my person for the May Coloriffic Swaporama. I am super duper proud of these pictures. Thanks for looking!


  1. I have some red, light blue, and deeper blue (sort of aquaish, but not as green) flannel if you need any! Just lemme know! XO

  2. love the color swap pics and the paper is awesome that you used for wrapping it up....perfect!

    I so want to go back to school for teaching, currently homeschooling my kids through preschool years so that will have to do for now. I love children's literature and the chicken little story board sounds awesome!

  3. thanks jenny...i have oodles of felt so i'm good!

    melissa! thank you for the words! you should make your own flannel board! have you checked out scrumdilly-do? :)