Friday, May 18, 2007

Photobooth Friday: sans mustache

photobooth friday: may 18
The whole strip was planned with a different mustache in the bottom three frames. This is the first frame with me all semi-pretty like in a fancy handmade necklace by Neesypea of Hey Day Fashion. I'm really trying to push my focus to handmade. When I can find clothes that feet me I will do a big old happy dance so for now I will do the indie t-shirts, jewelry and handbags. This strip was taken on Wednesday this week after my creative nonfiction class which is great but kicking my butt and my ego big time! I had the Danny Boy with me and he took a stip also. I sat myself down and peeled the backing off of the three mustaches and placed them on my knee sticky side up. I did a mock run through, took a deep breath and shove my dollars in the slot. I jammed my face up close for the first one and tilted it all cute like on my best side, the flah pops and I grab the first mustache which stays for about 2 seconds and falls, I grab it and shove it upwards and the flash POPS! The second frame is a shot with my hand over my mouth, the fun continued onward from there and maybe I will show you the lovely shots of my nostrils...maybe not.

I'm still slugging away at all these projects for school. Slug! Slug! Slug! That's me. The procrastinator sluggonator or something like that. I feel a need to bake something peanut buttery today but we'll see. I had a blast making mini pizza faces yesterday and still feel full but they were soooo yummy! Mr. A-go-go picked oodles of salad ingredients yesterday so i will be feasting on greens for lunch, can't wait! Did ya see the picture of one of our wee salad harvest?

Tomorrow is a star gazing party and of course we have granny and hopefully a pretty pink birthday to attend! Happy Friday folks! Don't forget to check out the Photobooth Friday pool and/or check out the links to your right for more booth madness.

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