Thursday, May 24, 2007

strawberry smoothies: ready to blend
Oh how I love my morning smoothie! Seriously, I can't even think about going to Jamba Juice or any other smoothie place when mine are so darn yummy and cheap! This week was National Strawberry day so I'm writing up a fruitbowl full o' fruity fun over at scrumdillydo! Today's post was how to make smoothies with your kidlets. One of the things I noticed when I was nannying for the A-boy & H-girl was that while they may not have eaten anything I tried to get them to eat, the A-boy would eat anything he made and boy oh boy, did that boy make up some interesting concoctions! Plus, seeing their excited faces when they created something good was divine. I miss that. I can't wait to start over at Tinker! I'm totally nervous and excited all at the same time! Eeps!

Today I am going to work on homework, for reals and tomorrow I am heading out to Chinatown and Olvera St. with my fab friend Cat and my new flickr friend Julie. It's my first flcikr meet up! Double Eeps!

Happy Thursday!

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