Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I told ya I liked chickens!

dressed for the presentation

Phew! The presentation went great though in hindsight, my paper lacked a lot of important information. Erk. It was still a good paper but I could have thrown in a few more technical terms. I always forget that part. I made this t-shirt for the presentation. I'm getting to closer to what I want to make for the five things swap but I can't decide if I wanna go funky cute or serious chickens. Any preferneces?

Jazzing up simple t-shirts is an excellent way to accomplish something crafty in a short period of time. It is also a great way to use up your scraps or other items you have on hand. I used iron on backing and then zig-zagged around the applique because my shirt was super stretchy and everytime I tried to put it on over my head the strecthing would undo the adhesive! Yikes! I don't have a serger but the zig zag seemed to do the trick.

If you don't feel all that adventurous with appliques you can simply sew directly onto your shirt using the sewing machine and randomly stitch a little here and stitch a little there. Use different colored thread for a unique pattern and only do this if your shirt is 100% cotton. Any lycra at all will make it bunch up in bits over your curves. You can of course also embroider away.

If sewing isn't your thing and you have a gocco then gocco away. Heck, bake up a batch of shortbread, whip up a pitcher of minted lemonade (or mojitos!) and throw a gocco party! Of course there is always Freezer Paper stencils or even cardboard and spray paint stencils or you can get all old school punk rock and use a sharpie.

Summertime is coming so what better reason do you need to jazz up your wardrobe. Don'y buy anything new. Repurpose the old. Reccyle, reuse and hit the thrift store for cheap t's. The money you spend there goes to charity so you can shop guilt free!

If you're thinking been there done that about the appliques and stenciling, pick up a book or check out a blog or two and hack away to your hearts content!


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I love your funky chicken t-shirt. I still feel kind of afraid of my sewing machine. maybe this is an easy enough project to give a shot. I made my nephews some freezer paper stenciled shirts for Christmas and I want one, too. Hmm. I totally second the thought about reusing, recycling and thrifting your wardrobe.

  2. pretty cool chicken shirt! I gotta try that out sometime.


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