Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Griffith Park Fire, originally uploaded by DonnaGrayson.

We received a whole lotta phone calls about this puppy! It is bad and amzingly scary and even pretty in a surreal way. This photo was taken by another flickrite from my neighborhood. This is also the view from just outside my gate. Read more about The Griffith Park Fire here.

Mr. A-go-go and I had 2 bags packed in case of evacuation. Really, we are far enough away to not worry but with the wind, you never know. The helicopters woke us up around 5am. The witch-baby is freaked out and there are now ants all over our kitchen. My chest hurts and this morning I am finally smelling the smoke. Crazy.

Being asthmatic ain't so fun right now. I am tired. It is supposed to be around 95 degrees today. Hot and dry. I just have to be all venty and say I really really have a dislike (this borders on hatred) for those folks who throw cigarettes out of their car windows or who drop them at their feet. Six hundred plus acres have burned because of a cigarette. Each time I see someone toss one out of window I want to march over and stuff it down their throat. Smoking is bad in more ways than one. Go ahead and screw up your own body and health but keep it to yourself, okay?

Click on the picture for links to important places that the photographer, Donna Grayson, listed. Check the Los Angeles pool for more photos.

Thankfully the animals at the zoo are fairly safe and only one home has damage. I hope the wind dies down and they can get this puppy out!


  1. I was thinking about you guys last night too! Eeps - and the poor animals. I'm sure they are freaking out, and just want to run run run awy from the smell of smoke!!

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Have you ever tried a Neti pot? It's the only thing helping me breathe right now. I don't have asthma though, just horrendous allergies. I was so relieved to talk to you last night!ht

  3. I don't have asthma either but, like Jenny, I have horrible allergies that kept me home bound for a week. I actually wrote a post about it 3 days ago. Hope you are feeling better :-)

  4. hope you stay safe. didn't realize you were a local.

    as for tossing cigarette butts anywhere, what gives? littering is littering. thoughtless.


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