Thursday, May 03, 2007

chickens and robots

"There's some chicken in my belly" painting
I'm all discombobulated. I guess that is what happens when you go to bed three hours after your usual time and then sleep three extra hours to make up for it. If not for my guilt mehtinks I'd still be tucked under that new spiffy quilt dreaming freaky dreams of totem pole telephone poles and fireside musical rounds on streetcorners. Hmm. My head is spinning with chickens and roosters. I have a folktale presentation for my kid's lit class on Mnday and I'm still trying to figure how to put it all in writing. We have to pick a theme first and pick a minimum of six titles within that theme. We have to write a paper on the theme icluding our reasoning for picking it. We also have to annotate each story/book and we have to prepare some sort of visual aid. Yikes! I don't suppose simply liking chickens would work? Or maybe wearing my new chicken sweater from Susan would work for the visual aid? I as thinking of maybe putting together a cd of images and text or perhaps making a flickr album but we don't have internet access in the classroom itself. Oooh, maybe I could do a slide show! Can they turn digital into slides? Oooh, cupcakes! Yeah, I can bake chicken cupcakes and we can sing songs about chickens. Does anyone know any songs about chickens? Hey, we can all do the chicken dance! Yes, I've got it! The chicken dance! Whoo-hoo, I rock.

Happy Space Day folks, can you find the chicken in the robot? The picture up top was a gift from a coloriffic swap last May I think...from flickrite Turtblu. She is awesome!

I gotta go try and fully wake up now. Sheesh!

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