Monday, April 16, 2007

The Week in Review: April 9-15

Phew! Other than the "crappy camping trip" I got a lot of swapping fun done. Packages were sent and received and giggled over and photographed! They made the week so much better! I had midterms and papers due and a lot of fuzzy brain moments but all in all, wind included, the week wasn't so horrible. Yesterday we were lucky enough to visit with our almost camping buddies for a fabulous brazilian breakfast and a whole lotta chit chat. Game night coming soon, I can't wait! This week is spring break so hopefully I will get to cram in alot of visiting, crafting, cleaning, baking and paper writing. I need to work on my next draft. Yikes! Happy Monday folks! I hear the weather is nutty everywhere so stay safe and dry if you can.

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