Monday, April 30, 2007

the week in review: april 23-29

This was a nice week mehtinks. A little bit busy a little bit not. I didn't get a chance to take many pictures during the week and well, honestly the ones I did take weren't so nifty. So I'll tell ya about what you don't see up there and you can click here to read more about what you DO see, okee dokee?

Monday: School, school and more school. I watched The Godfather in film class and we pored through children's picture book for style, line, color, etc. in my kid's lit class.

Tuesday: I spent way too much time online reading blogs but I did manage to finish my profile about this amazing woman and if you wanna read it, let me know, I might post it. Maybe. After that I hit The Kitchen with Susan, Cathy and the fabulous gals behind Reform School for dinner. A whole lotta Mac & cheese. After dinner we hat cake and coffee at The Alcove where I got to talk to another fabulous artist, aka Stacy. The girls then hit Bigfoot Lodge for drinks and Jenny's cupcakes. I went home to edit my paper.

Wednesday: Turned in the famous paper and hit the campus for a writing assignment. We had to pick a spot to profile. I was sitting there writing away in a nice and quiet spot with a whole lotta room when this chickie decides to sit down not five feet from me, next to me even and eat her nachos whilst hollering into her cell phone about how she is eating nachos for lunch. Lovely.

Thursday: I got to witness an amazing storytime and art session at the ever fabulous Tinker where I hope to be punching the clock soon. Whoo-hoo! After that I hit good old Trader Joe's came home and crafted a bit. scrumdilly-do was being neglected.

Friday: The mister played hooky from work and we took his mom to The Getty Villa where I made him pose for all sorts of photos. Check out my flickr page for more getty fun. Friday night was Susan's last Friday before she moved to Portland so we had an impromptu Naked Lady Party. I made mojitos and shortbread and Susan played show and tell as we unloaded her of oodles of stuff.

See? Busy but not so uregently busy. Saturday we went on a bike ride and then hung out with Granny. Mr. A-go-go spent a lot of time in the garden where he discovered this horrible thing and I craft craft crafted away. We watched a lot of The Electric Company and managed to eat an entire bag of peanut butter filled pretzels from Joe's. They is some yummy pretzels! Yesterday the witch-lady and I went to see The Grindhouse at The Vista and I crafted a bit more. Like you all really needed to know that. Heehee. Happy Monday folks! Tomorrow is May Day, give some flowers to a friend, family member, neighbor or stranger.

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