Wednesday, April 25, 2007

why I'm addicted....

to swapping.

I have created another evil monster. A pretty fantastic and creative monster but evil none the less. This pretty assortment is from the first five things swap from the flickr group I started. I love to swap but seem to get a bit burned when I try swap-bot (unless of course it is for coloriffic swap-o-rama). I rarely get something made with effort and then rarely get any notice of receipt from the people I send to and I'm sorry, I am a child of divorce and I need a pat on the back for all my hard work. Okee doke? The idea behind the five things swap was a carry over from my days. (I know I owe people projects from there but I can't seem to straighten out what and to whom. If you stumble across this and I [lobster-girl] owe you something, shout it out and I will create! I will!) I love making thngs and I love receiving handmade things so why not create a group swap, small scale and themed so that like minded crafty people will want to play. The pink swap turned up some super nifty pretties! I made kooky kitschy collages with lots of polkdots. I received a knitted pouch, patchworked tissue cozie, felt flower pin, marble magnets and an adorable egg carton sewing kit from Ana of Pink Sugar. If you find a need to craft and swap, hop on over to five things and join us! My next projects will be for the birds. A birdie and a chicken swap. What am I going to make? I have no idea...sigh.

Last night was spent with some amazingly crafty and creative ladies for Susan's almost last day before she moves back to Portland. I'm gonna miss you chickie! We ate a lotta mac and cheese, consumed a fair amount of wine and dove into an amazing chocolate raspberry cake at The Alcove. After that I headed home and the ladies continued on to The Bigfoot Lodge where I am hoping mass amounts of Jenny's famous S'mores cupcakes were consumed. Hope y'all had a good time, I'll see ya Friday.

Well folks, it is back to my paper, THE paper which isn't exactly what the assignment called for but I'm pretty happy with it. Wish me luck and have a great Wednesday!

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  1. I'm guilty of not thanking anyone on this fabulous swap. I'm really very sorry and I'll work on being more gracious.

    I'm loading up pics to flickr and will blog tonight.

    Your fabric postcard pulled at my heartstrings - I LOVE horses, but don't have the opportunity to be around them. Thank you. :)