Thursday, April 12, 2007

S'mores time and an early PF!

jeff &rocks

Mr. A-go-go and I are hitting the road this morning for a camping trip in Joshua Tree! We booked the campsite many months ago and had grand plans for a large group of firends and family but now it seems the group has dwindled down a bit. We're still gonna hang out with nifty and faboo peoples and everything but we'll be on our own for the first two days. The witch-baby knows something is up and she's right now sitting at Mr. A-go-go's feet meow meow meowing away. "Bring me! Bring me!" or maybe it's "Don't leave! Don't Leave, Who will feed me?" Anywhoo, we're packing up and heading out so I wish y'all a bestest weekend ever and here's an early peak at this week's photobooth friday:

photobooth friday: vogue


  1. yeah for Joshua Tree. Hope it isn't to "surface of the sun" for ya down there.
    Enjoy the sky and the big rocks.

    love this silly vogue meets mask pb..

  2. acumamakiki9:10 AM

    This is so inspired! You and Mr. A-go-go do such good booth. Have a great time camping!!