Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Slow like molasses

vintage kitchen swap: lanterns

I woke up before 7am and promptly made a pot of coffee. I'm not much of a coffee drinker but for some reason a hot pot on a dreary day makes everything seem a little brighter. Tea I love but tea makes me want to bake and have friends come over to craft, talk and watch old movies. I have a long long list of things to do for this week and yest all I feel like doing is stand at the kitchen window and spy on all the birds haging out in the garden. Mr. A-go-go rigged up bird bath and so far we haven't had any takers. I can't wait until they find it. I am such a bird watcing dork. Speaking of birds we saw some pretty nifty birds in Joshua tree. We saw red tailed hawks, giant ravens, a couple of cactus wrens(they hopped right up to us, the little sneakers) and some scott's orioles in all their yellow funkiness. Yesterday we saw an interesting wren like birdie with yellow on it's underside and we also have a visiting hummingbird that has a lot of rust on it's back. See? Bird dorks.

I recently took part in Jenny Holiday's Vintage Kitchen Swap. I had a much harder time than I imagined finding vintage and/or retro goodies for my partner, Jennifer. Sigh. You just can find fun vintage in Los Angeles anymore. I did score some adorable salt & pepper shakers out in Ventura and manged to wrestle up some more goodies. I'm lucky that my mamos was a collector and that granyn never threw anything away so I was able to round it all out. Up above is a picture of some lanterns I sent along. The pretty paper flower lantern on the right was granny's. I had two of them and thought to send one along as it is so so so pretty, methinks. I also made up some retro marble magnets and a batch of chocolate lavender shortbread. You can see more of the items I sent here if ya like and I'll post all the awesomeness I received soon.

Today I will clean a little, update the shop a little, laze a bout a bit and craft away. I will also work on my paper and some scholarship essays. I will. I promise!

Oh, if you are in Los Angels or the San Fernando Valley and in need of a cupcake or two, check out Unforgettable Cakes! They are super duper yummy and the staff is oh so friendly. They serve sandwiches also. My gal the witch-lady and I spent a good two hours there partaking of sweets and coffee. You can read what I yelped about here. Happy Day!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves paper lanterns. I keep 'em up year round! Beautiful swap stuff! I did this swap too, it was such fun!

  2. I'd love to drink tea with you, craft, talk and watch old movies! Alas, I'm too far away.

    I love paper lanterns too, but I haven't been shopping in Chinatown for years, so haven't got any anymore.