Friday, April 20, 2007

Photobooth Friday: on the fringe

photobooth friday: fringe

I am on the fringe. At least I always tend to feel that I am. When I was a teenager I more or less wallowed in my fringie-ness by listening to Oingo Boingo's On the Outside over and over again while getting all teary eyed as I read my Sweet Valley High books. I was never really good at feeling accepted, I'm still not. I'm okay with it though...mostly...okay well, only sometimes. I like to be by myself mostly because this way I won't alienate anyone or say something stupid because my insecurities make me babble like there will never be a tomorrow. Nonstop. I babble, squeak, blah blah and oftentimes I am sure I sound like a grown up in a Peanut's cartoon. So, here I am in a photobooth bedecked in a fringed skirt sans leggins or footless tights. It must have been during a thin period when my legs didn't feel a need to stick together whenever I sported a skirt. I don't have this skirt anymore. I managed to rock it at least once as evidenced in this frame. I don't remember the day this was taken, or whether or not I had company but I do rememember I wore a black v-neck t-shirt and some ever so fanciful plumb colored stacked mary-janes. If I could have twisted that booth seat up high enough I would have shoved my foot in the frame also.

I haven't taken a new booth shot in awhile and I miss it. Hmm...must get to one soon. Wanna guess what we're doing tonight? We're going to a Dodger Game. My first. Seriously. I'm a native and have never been to a game. I have however met Tommy Lasorda, shook his hand and everything. Dinner tonight will be a Dodger dog methinks. Happy Friday folks. Check out more boother in the Photobooth Friday flickr group and on the sidebar over there on your right!

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