Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My not so nifty adventures in baking....

with silicone cupcake liners. Hm.

I got a dozen pink silicone cupcake liners on sale after Valentine's Day and couldn't wait to try them. Last week, Mr. A-go-go was having an exceptionally cranky few days so I decided to bake him some gingerbread, his favorite. Skipping over the same old loaf pan I went for these liners imagining all sorts of prettiness and the fabulousness that would be this batch of gingerbread cupcakes. Sadly that did not happen. They took forever to bake and they spilled over big time. Luckily I used a cookie sheet under the whole shabang but sheesh what a mess! I attempted to remove one while hot so I could sample its deliciousness but all it did was fall apart. At least they were moist! After allowing them to cool forever and ever I tried to remove one again and it was a no go. Drats! Screw this I thought. I whipped up a batch of citrus butter frosting that was oh so yummy and I iced a couple just for a photo shoot because really that is what it's all about, getting a good picture. The pictures cam out more fabulous than the cupcakes but I will be saving that fabulousness until tomorrrow. Words of the wise, don't fall for silicone! Unless of course you want to use them as paint cups for your kidlets or maybe at a little prettiness to your Bento boxes (thanks to featherbed for that suggestion!)


  1. That stinks! I am SO glad that you posted about this it will save me from the same fate. Love the frosted pictures!

  2. Cassie5:27 AM

    Try greasing them a tiny bit on the bottoms? My first batch came out that way, too--until I tried a little butter in the bottoms? Same with when we made bread on spring break with all the kiddlets (pics on lj)

  3. Thanks! And I know I need to grease them now. I just feel paper would prolly be better and easier. The clean up was a disaster! :)

  4. thanks for posting about these fancy new silicone cupcake liners. i've seen them everywhere, but wondered how well they acctually worked. now i know. disatrous clean-ups always take the fun out of baking. your photos look great though!!!